As I matured I acquired the urge to contribute.  So my primary aim is to create compelling work that brings joy, optimism and mystery to other people’s lives: Art that expresses my lust for life and the simple exuberance of being.

This looks like explosions, color gradients, unfilled line drawings and a rich chaos coming together as a recognizable creature.  It also looks like my Wife’s quilting, or my childhood Catholic experience of glowing stained glass.  I paint the plants and photographs around me and am inspired by the aesthetic of Microsoft Windows, Illuminated manuscript, how camouflage works, video games, everyday and fantasy fashion and Saints by Fra Angelico.

To express the fullness and my experience of life I try work in visual paradoxes like straight lines vs. curved lines.  For example, the difference between architecture and plants and commingling in cars and shoes.  I try to show the spectrum of difference between abstraction and naturalistic form to illustrate how layered reality is and to flesh out a more inclusive picture of what “real” feels like.  An overarching theme for my work is how complex creatures are and how every living thing is a little package of total mystery.  This thought puts a magic in my head.


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